Olives, capers, vegetables

Olives from different Italian regions, capers, sliced and mixtures vegetables for a variety of your menu.
Nocellara olives
Mixed italian olives
Bella di cerignola olives
Caper Berries
Capers in vinegar
Carcifoli: sliced artichokes
Pomodori: sun-dried tomatoes in oil

Sauces, vegetable pate

Sauces TM "Cento Percento" comes from the Sunny Italy. Sauces – the basic element of Italian cuisine. Thanks to the sauces, there are thousands of recipes for pasta, risotto, salads and hot dishes. Classic combinations, traditional recipes and consistent quality make our sauces ideal culinary complement. Sauces "Chento perchento" it is one hundred percent flavor, one hundred percent Italy in each jar.
Red pesto: tomato pesto sauce
Green pesto: traditional Italian pesto sauce
Parmigiano: tomato sauce with Parmesan and olive oil
Basilico: tomato and basil sauce


To cook real Italian risotto is easy! A new series of mixes for risotto TM "Cento Percento" will help you to make it. Produced according to traditional recipes and Packed in Italy.
Risotto con funghi
Risotto "Primavera"
Risotto con pomodoro e basilico
Risotto con spinaci
Risotto con asparagi

Balsamic creams

Balsamic creams sauces distinctive and essential element of Italian cuisine. It give the dish a freshness and spicy flavor and light aroma whets the appetite.
Crema balsamico "al Classico"
Aceto balsamico di Modena